bon voyage.
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
hurhur. i admit i have been MIA ing for quite a while? ahh, my break just started!!! that's something to be joyous abt rite? zid's available within a reach of a phonecall (or sms rather). my phone's nt been functioning well lately though. time to get a new one but that idea have been thrown out of the window since well, i am nt THAT rich rite.

settled down really well in school and definitely looking forward to school after the break. well a lot of friends in a tow too i guess.i am nt saying anything but that whole period was a smorgasbord of sleepovers at school, rushing for assestment, mingling arnd with the seniors. woah.

too much for me to digest at one go but nonetheless definitely enjoying it. ahh, ppl, where are u guys during holidays? hahahaha. holla me kays. i am soo fucking free! free! free!

oh and yeah, been hanging out at neny's workplace ALOT. well, we live near each other which makes it covenient to go back home and most importantly, she's my secret accomplice in BITCHING. rite NENY, our all time fav? bahha, plus her cafe that she works in, i love their staff. so friendly and lovely. hahaha, maybe i am just saying this because of the free drinks i get? bahhh, i am nt that CHEAPO.

THANKS NENY. bahahaha "jahat mulut eh?" teehee

p/s: TREND REPORT next post. tune in

Friday, November 17, 2006
yeah, a long time i guess. whats new in store for me?
well, good school, enjoyable company of friends, and a semester break to top it all of. this past few days, i have been thinking too much a whole load of stuff. to get started with, i was extremely pissed by the idea of seeing too much ppl dressing indie or fucking VINTAGE as they call it.

WAHHH, INDIE KIDS SEHH.soo unoriginal at all for godsake and to still have the cheek to call themselves individualistic and gg indie just because of it gives them identity? hey darling, u have gt it messed up there. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

whats "OWN IDENTITY" (need me to explain to u in further detail?) when u are just FUCKING FOLLOWING EVERYBODY, lemme REPEAT, EVERYBODY exclaiming that u r into FUCKING INDIE?URGH, oh my, that only explains the so called 'INDIE' CROWD at esplanade every weekend. no puns or hurt intended but yeah, about the INDIVIDUALISTIC approach, u gt it all FUCKED UP.
and why the need to brush off other musics as inferior to ur fucking INDIE music? music's music so why discriminate it? its ur own rite to hate or love other genres but please dont ever brush off other genres. i listen to indie too but i do not go like flashy over it.

p/s: give all of us a break, indie kids, please...