bon voyage.
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Yipee! Best Prata Ever at Casuarina Curry House!!!!!
Zouk Flea Market Fleaing GALORE (if there is such a word)
I am definitely impressed by the idea of flea marketing. I tell you, this past whole i have been OH-SO-BUSY sourcing out all the flea markets in the WHOLE of SINGAPORE. Oh jeez, the results were rather suprising.

Yeah, singapore has indeed other flea markets beside our oh-so-"fantastique" SUNGEI ROAD! I mean like come on lah, what's a spare old pipe going to do inside my wardrobe?!
I couldnt make sense out of it. Oh wells, Timbre Flea was super Duper awesome.
I practically hauled three necklaces back home and MIND YOU, it was those similar ones to Far East Plaza which i don't get why they need to be ostentious with their pricing! OVERATED PLACE!

Another locket and charn necklace aquired at Timbre Flea
Ordered from the Lovely

I am loving all of it.... AND A NEW PAIR OF BUG EYED MOD SHADES. I am gonna collect it for de lovely Jona who is the owner of Isnt she a sweet person?! Toods people while I basked in the Suns of Sentosa with dear missus CHELSEA KWANG!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2005

after staring into the blank for like only-god-knows minutes (okay, this is getting way too EXAGGERATED but too bad, DRAMA MAMA just runs in my blood), i started to wonder why of my existence.

it seems to me that how peculiarly lost are we in this world. BAM! thats the point! but more importatntly, who are we exactly? thats the essential question bench. or maybe who are you or who am i in an individualistic retrospective.

as i tried to figuring it out, questioning myself along the way 'WHO AM I?', i realized the idea is nt to answer the question but use the question as a guidance in our life.

we can never realized this question because its an on going process in our life. The point here is to start to stand for who you are and defend ur identity. i found us, including myself, losing ourselves in an oceans of worldly delusions and unable to accept ourselves as an individual.

we often find ourselves trying to conform with society norms. its like a battle that we faced everyday but sadly, most of the time,we made our identities as a sacrifice and casualty in the end. just look at the evident examples around. girls dying to be thin as the only those who are waifish or nympish are desirably in demand.

the idea of uneccessary plastic corrections to so called enchance us when the actual fact is to just be another jennifer garners nose or angelina jolies lips. why we are losing this battle?

simply to put it this way, WE ARE LOST AND DELUDED.but how we are going to curb this addiction to mutilate our own signature self? then this is the time where the question of 'who am i?' comes in. start questioning whats your weaknesses and strength of self.

its might be self critical and very fearful to some but this is the way to get hold of ourselves. we all cant be the perfect person on this face of earth. i think in a sense, our flaws are actually major of our self component. FLAWS are what we are mostly made of and we should be appreciative about it..

guess i am still on the question...on a lighter note, toodle lee loo
*flings a peace sign ala La Lohan*

thank god there was ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
what can i say more?!

i noe i sounded like a fugly himbotic slut but
i just cant "LIVE" without my hair dryer.(for those buggers, its nt in a literal sense okay?!) it's like as if there is some affinity with me and my hair dryer. and mind you, my hair wasnt conceived sleek straight. so back to the point, i guess that you guys are wondering how it gt "DEAD"...
i wouldnt start with the 'long long ago, in a distant land' kinda of crap, okay. so, i was like walkin through my room and i heard a hard crack. my foot was like on top of a 'sumting'. and using my brains of course!....
OOPPPSSSIIIEEEESSSS! e plug of the hair dryer was destroyed due to my carelessness...of course it broke. *smacks forehead* like HELLLOOO!, i wasnt born with the weight of only kate moss could envy. i was like frustrated as i have been living on hair dryers for a long while. and i had to survive on gel for the nxt few days...
the trusty old air gun which have done miracles to my hair!